How A Network Can Be Attacked

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Are We Safe! How a network can be attacked Types of attacks There are numerous types of attacks, some of these are: Virus A virus is a software program that is designed to replicate between computers and affect the operation of the computer. A computer virus is similar to a human virus. A virus is a software program that is able to corrupt and delete data from the computer. The virus can be transferred from one pc to another through an email as an attachment. Trojans A Trojan horse is a program or utility that looks as though it would be useful and safe to use but actually it is carrying out tasks which give others access to your computer. Trojans are usually found built in to another program so that it is not easily discovered. The Trojan will then run when the program that it is built into is running. Trojans are not easily discovered by antivirus software because they are written in to the code of another program. Worms A worm is another way how a network can be attacked, worms are very easy to spread between computers. Worms are transferred from one computer to another without human interaction. The worms can be transferred by emails, USB drives or downloading files. This means that worms have the capability to transfer from one computer to another and to replicate so they can infect vast amounts of computers. Adware Another way that a network can be attacked is Adware. Adware is a piece of software which generate advertisements (pop-ups, banners and
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