How A Network Is The Ways Of Knowing

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“In gaining knowledge, each area of knowledge uses a network of ways of knowing.” By looking at the arts and history, we can see that to gain knowledge is necessary to use a network of ways of knowing but depending on the area they are applied differently. The art has all of the ways of knowing present but depending on the situation some of them can be applied more than others. The same happens with history, the ways of knowing are all present but they are applied differently depending on the circumstance. But, what is a network? A network is “group of interconnected things”. And in this case the network is the ways of knowing. The ways of knowing are each connected to each other, similar to a web, because one has an influence on the other and so on. We are going to be looking at how the arts and history have all of the ways of knowing interconnected to allow the gain of knowledge, but occasionally ones can be more predominant than others depending on the areas of knowledge. In my opinion each way of knowing is present in each area of knowledge, but frequently there is one or more that tend to influence more. In the arts, imagination, emotion, language, memory, intuition, sense perception, reason and faith are liked together to assist with the gain knowledge. Depending of what sort art is been done, the ways of knowing can change. For instance graphic design or digital arts, like I mention before, have each of the ways of knowing present but the ones that are more…

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