How A Principal Implement A Positive Growth Within School Culture

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This article is about how a principal implement a positive growth in school culture. A positive culture will allow schools to flourish as there is an overlying value of respect and a feeling of educational benefits. The two areas that Habegger defines as areas that a principal needs to work on to create this growth are creating a sense of belonging and providing clear direction. Both of these areas where then broken down on how changing them will have a positive impact on the students, teachers, and parents and community. Climate is an area of a schools environment that most intrigues me from a principal’s impact point of view. A toxic climate leads to a lot of dissatisfaction and dissent among all parties involved which has a direct impact on the learning environment for students. Holy Family was a brand new system when I started and with that Wahlert got a brand new principal as the previous principal became the CEO. From what I understand, the previous principal was a very good systems thinker who had moved the school in an outcomes based system. Once he moved on and the new system was put into place, incidentally also the same time I was hired, there became factions within the school. The short version of the rest of the story is that the climate of the school was unpleasant as you hand the previously created factions and then resentment towards the new teachers who didn’t understand life around them. The first area that Habegger discusses is that of

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