How A Professional Objectives Both Short And Long Term

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Discuss your professional objectives both short and long term. What has motivated you to apply to this program? Back in 2007, I got my first exposure to Big Data while working for a now defunct startup company, called Memedia, to design and build their online ad distribution system. There, I saw firsthand the importance of the data being collected about internet users in helping the company target ads for online advertisers to the right audience through their partner publishers. At the time, Facebook was not the behemoth that it is today and companies were timid about collecting consumers’ personal information. But as we know today, the public has become very tolerant and has allowed social media companies to be more intrusive with…show more content…
After working for five years in the engineering field, I was fortunate enough to be able to transition to a software developer position at a financial institution in the mid 1980’s. I have since become a well-seasoned professional in the software development field and participated in many projects where I was able create useful tools for various businesses and organizations and their users. My drive to remain creative has not diminished over the years and with the same enthusiasm of those early years, I am today fascinated with the Big Data phenomenon. I see the opportunity to tackle this new field with the same enthusiasm and creativity I have always strived for. The truth is in the data: I am also motivated by the prospect of the new discoveries that are now possible by exploring Big Data. By looking more closely at the data that is littered around us, researchers are uncovering new answers every day to questions that for years have remained enigmatic and evasive to us. For instance, it was recently confirmed by a study[2] that after Americans started using iodized salt in their diet in the mid 1920’s, people in the US have developed higher IQ compared to some other parts of the world where the product is not in use. This discovery was made possible by looking into data collected from World War II recruits, comparing the IQ test results
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