How A Public Relations Campaign Is Carried Out

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1. Introduction Public relations work is often associated with the feeling of mystery and backroom practices. That is due to the fact that practitioners operate behind the scenes and in a way that is not directly obvious to the public. Stauber and Rampton (2004:1) explain this behaviour by stating that public relations “can’t work if you see it coming”. This dissertation aims to shed some light on the way a public relations campaign is carried out. In order to not only provide a theoretical point of view this thesis will draw on the practical of one of the biggest sport events in Yorkshire: the Tour de Yorkshire. A case study of that campaign in combination with the relevant academic literature will show how a media construction of an event works. The Tour de Yorkshire was promoted as an “international cycle race” (TDY FAQ) on the official info spread sheet and can be seen as a spin-off from the great interest that surrounded the Tour de France departure in Leeds last year. The event took place from the 1-3 May of 2015 and it included a men’s race with 144 participants as well as a separate women’s race with 98 riders. In addition to the sport aspects the event also included several musical and cultural performances. According to the numbers published by the press team, one and a half million people attended the event. Furthermore the race attracted media coverage in more than 150 countries (TDY Press Release 22). After the event was over the public relations campaign team
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