How A Socially Constructed Knowledge System

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Society is viewed as the collective thoughts, ideals and ways of life held and maintained by a group of individuals. Often these beliefs and practices of different societies are the result of a shared perspective or shared knowledge. However, with different individual components formulating the basis for a society, there is question to whether the shared or collective cognition is able to shape the way individuals themselves process information. In understanding the impact of how a socially constructed knowledge system can shape the individual’s own knowledge, I will invoke the reasoning of two separate areas of knowledge, specifically the humans sciences and ethics, that deal heavily with the human experience.
The Human Sciences, as an Area of Knowledge give an extensive look into how humans interact and a greater insight into the prescribed title. Business management as a subset on the human sciences brings forth the knowledge-sharing pathway between the individual and the business or organization. Yet, assuming there is a pathway, is there a standard direction in which this pathway flows? Is shared knowledge what shapes the individual? The World Bank published an article detailing the process of sharing information and knowledge, titled the “Knowledge Exchange” (Kumar). It outlines an example in Tanzania where the child mortality rate was extremely high and the government wanted to find a way to lower it. The Tanzanian people themselves did not have the answer and thus
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