How A Wedding Can Be Stressful And Plain Scary

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The wedding business is a very lucrative industry. From the venue, to lighting, dress, photographer, videographer, and the food, a bride and groom the small details of your memorable day can quickly add up to an expensive reality. When you take away the love and wonderful memories, the financial aspects of planning a wedding can be stressful and plain scary. You must create a budget and take several things into account before creating that budget. So how much should a couple expect to shell out before saying “I do.”?

How much does the average wedding cost?

This is actually a more complicated question than it appears. CNBC reported that the average wedding costs $28,400 by one unnamed source and an average of $26,000.00 by other unnamed source. However, the national average is not the best indicator of how much a wedding costs because some states averages are higher than others. For example, in New York City, the average cost of a wedding is $70,000.00 or higher. Contrary, the average cost of a wedding in Houston is approximately $20,000.00 and in Alaska the figures plummet to $15,504.00.

However, the term “average” is extremely misleading. Although the average amount for a wedding is $70,000.00 in New York City, that does not mean every couple in is spending at close to $70,000.00 on a their wedding in New York. The average is calculated by adding up the costs of every respondent and dividing it by the number of respondents. Therefore, some
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