How A Woman Can 't Have It All By Managing A Career And Family

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Anne-Marie Slaughter wrote an article about how a woman can’t have it all by managing a career and family. Ellen Ullman wrote an article how she was a computer programmer for a company that didn’t have many women work in that field. It has become common today to dismiss the debates in the workplace for twenty-first-century women that have a family and work to balance. Many people used to think that high-profile jobs were for men and that woman stayed home to watch the family. Within the past few decades’ women have started to do the jobs that men were doing to help the husband and the family. Both authors elaborated on the way their work is set and how hard they both succeeded to get to where they are now. While both Slaughter and Ullman…show more content…
And by all, he meant three, but at the time, it was rare for women to have a well-placed technical position. Both Ullman and Slaughter were faced with sexism in the workplace and found ways to ignore it. However, they also faced different social structures in the workplace. Ullman believes women today face a new, more virile and virulent sexism. She found that being a woman put her at one remove from the general society of programmers. And that the rule of law and social activism certainly are crucial. Ullman claims that, “No matter how strong the social structure, there is always that cheeked-slapped moment when you are alone with the anti-woman prejudice: the joke, the leer, the disregard, the invisibility, the inescapable fact that the moment you walk through the door you are seen as lesser, no matter what your credentials” (729). She meant that no matter how hard you succeeded in your education, you’d always be seen fragile. Ullman also stated that staring prejudice in the face imposes a spiteful discipline: to structure anger, to achieve a certain dignity, an enraged dignity. On the other hand, Slaughter had claimed that “women of her generation have maintained to the feminist stance, that they were raised with, ranks had steadily thinned by indeterminable pressures between family and career, because they were determined not to drop the flag for the next generation women” (680). She strongly believes women can

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