How A Women Should Behave As Oppose Of A Man

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In our society we have different views of how a women should behave as oppose to a man. The issue is that the majority of our population views one side as being the correct way to describe a man, or a women, and will counteract to any others perspectives that do not match with the standard view of gender. But how did we begin to adapt to these gender roles? In most cases, the people who raised us will have the most influence on how we categorize a women and a man. A girl or a boy will learn the “appropriate” way to behave by observing how their parents interact in the household and outside of the household. A child can take these observations with them into their adolescents and even adulthood. In addition, parents are a child’s best guidance, but a child’s siblings, whether they have sisters or brothers, can also have a major influence on a child’s behavior. Studies focused on how siblings, a mother’s way of speaking to their children about gender, and parents ways of accepting their sons and daughters behavior can affect how they perceive gender roles. In the article of McHale (2003), scientist revised a way in which family can implement gender development. For example, parents can put an immersive amount of pressure for kids when it comes to the toys they should play with. It is most commonly seen that fathers will put the most pressure on their boys when they have to decide which toys to play with. In addition, parents put pressure on their children by providing
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