How Accountability Is Important For Healthcare Services For The Future

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1.0 Introduction Before introducing the topic, it is essential to understand what accountability is. In this regard, it can be stated that the term ‘Accountability’ signifies an image of transparency as well as trustworthiness. In relation to this, it can be argued that in different dimension the meaning of accountability is usually differ. However, the real meaning of accountability can be referred as an answerability, which signifies that having an obligation of answering or clarifying regarding the selected decision and/ or action. In this context, more specifically it can be stated that accountability denotes having an obligation of answering to hierarchical superiors regarding information and/or narrative description regarding the…show more content…
In relation to this, it can be mentioned that in the contemporary era healthcare organizations and healthcare professionals are usually facing varied new as well as evolving challenges in terms of healthcare requirements, evolving diseases, ageing population related discrepancies and management related issues among others (Beelitz 2015). At the same time, it can be mentioned that healthcare organizations are also witnessing varied challenges in terms of new regulations, financial constraints and establishing efficient best practice related problems. In this particular assignment, the objective is to critical analysis the accountability as well as responsiveness strategies, which may usually assist Queensland healthcare reform to ensure the relevant work practice within the healthcare system. 2.0 Discussion 2.1 Gaps in Health Services According to the report of Butt (2010), it is identified that in the modern era, Australian healthcare system has faced several challenges in terms of evolving chronic diseases and critical illness. At the same time, the government also has witnessed obstacles for its fiscal services and financial resources related aspects, which has influenced the performance of the healthcare system in diversified manner. As an effect, it is also identified that the overall quality of healthcare system has disrupted in eight different states of Australia. In this regard, in order to identify the potential cause, it is
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