How Accounting Is A Profession

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Accounting is a profession that seems to be growing by the day. We were told during the first class period that employment of accountants is growing 22% from 2008 to 2018. Goes to show that Accounting is something that everyone needs, and is the backbone of business. Throughout this semester we have been fortunate enough to have speakers from multiple accounting professions come talk to us about their profession and what it entails. Tony Batman stood out to me because he shed a different light on the accounting profession and business in general. Common perception is that people get into business just to make money. Mr. Batman said something that will stick with me throughout my entire career that is contrary to the notion of businesses being around solely for profit. He said that the “primary purpose of business is to make people’s lives better”. I had never thought of business that way, I had always perceived it as providing a service for customers but you are actually making their lives better while providing that service. In this essay I will discuss how things I learned in this class helped guide my future career choice. The first big question on deciding a career in accounting that was brought up was Public Accounting vs. Private Accounting. We discussed that Public Accountants were more of service providers to clients; this could include audit, tax, and advisory service roles that the company provides to their employers. Most of the speakers that came to talk to us,
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