How Accurate Was the Term "Era of Good Feelings" in the United States Following the War of 1812?

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In the 1800’s following the war of 1812, the term commonly applied to that era in the United States was known as the “era of good feelings”. While the United States was growing in several different aspects, such as politically, socially and economically, and changing as a country, there are several key factors that denote this term, and nullify its meaning. While the changes were significant, and the United States evolved at an exponential rate after the war of 1812, the accuracy of the term “era of good feelings” is way off, and the United States was anything but experiencing an “era of good feelings”. Following the war of 1812, growth occurred primarily economically, politically, and socially for the United States. These changes…show more content…
Although this was increase throughout the United States, this economical situation occurred primarily in the North, and much less in the south. In the south, the economic increase was much different. Because of the large amounts of plantations and farms in the south, new land was needed so that the crops that had dried up the soil could continue to grow and the economy can continue to benefit. This growth in land and economy indicates that the economic benefit in the south came from crops and agricultural might, rather than industrial. These differences help identify that the “era of good feelings” and the nationalism that is implied is incorrect and inaccurate, as people have more of a connection towards the land that they make their money on, which implies sectionalism. Politically, the “era of good feelings” was extremely off. Even before the war of 1812, there had always been a major difference in the political parties and systems of the government. A major difference in this coming from extremely opposing ideologies of the parties and the lack of unity between the two. The difference between the parties is also present in Document C, which shows two different party tents during the fourth of july. Whilst the people are generally happy, the party tents show that the difference is quite evident, and

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