How Action Figures Of Male Body Image As Seen Through Action Toys

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Culture is something that defines what society is and how it will act. As a result of this cultures evolve and shift over time. This evolution of culture is encouraged, a culture that is stagnant and not changing is one that will ultimately die and fade away. But because this evolution is caused by humans it is an imperfect evolution and many times as a result harmful things come to be integral parts of society. As stated in “Evolving Ideals of Male Body Image as Seen Through Action Toys” we can see one of the negative results of this evolution is the drive to perfect ones image so that it will match that of the stated “standard”. This essay goes into great detail about how action figures of male movie characters and superheroes have evolved into a glorified image of the male figure with proportions and physical features that are not humanly possible, thus having a great impact on how young children perceive how they should look as they grow up. Having the mindset that is portrayed by these actions figures is even dangerous on this small scale. Ideals are many times not degraded and destroyed by one main factor, but rather a combination of many different variables. Current cultural norms today dictate that we conform ourselves to what is accepted. From how we look, who we are friends with, even what we eat. This trend is dangerous and threatens the diversity that has made human kind great. One of the biggest way that we get pressured to conform to societal norms is in…

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