How Activity Based Costing ( Abc ) May Assist Sierra Ltd Essay

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In this report, I will provide a discussion of how activity-based costing (ABC) may assist Sierra Ltd to address its current issues. With the fragmented market in the recent past, companies are using different costing and pricing strategies to remain competitive. Organisations have implemented product diversification and automation. This trend has made the allocation of costs for production overhead an important aspect in calculating product cost. The important issues facing Sierra Ltd include the use of a traditional approach for product costing that distorts some of the organisation’s product cost. In addition, the company is experiencing problems related to generations of sales prices, hence, the company adds 30% margin to production costs of all products to get actual sales prices. Another issue is about engine component sales that have been unstable in comparison to transmission and clutch components. These issues will be addressed in this report by assessing Sierra Ltd current costing and pricing practices. The report will also discuss whether ABC is suitable for the organisation, and finally, the report will present important factors the management of Sierra should take into consideration to ensure successful adoption of ABC if they decide to go ahead with Baljit’s proposition.
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This part will deal in depth with current costing and pricing practices of Sierra Ltd; if ABC is suitable for the company; and factors to take into account to ensure successful
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