How Advertisements Make A Company Better?

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Art and Copy is a documentary all about advertising and marketing. This documentary shows the transformation and advancement of all things advertising. It also shows the specific changes in the development of advertising. This documentary does a great job in showing the advertising side, but not what that advertising can make people do. The documentary was filmed in 2009, and directed by Doug Pray who is also known for his documentary films about American subcultures. This Documentary shows the behind the scenes of major advertising companies. fawefagwaerwwer There were many different questions asked in this documentary. One of the biggest questions that were asked multiple times was what are the effects of advertisements. How can…show more content…
“Also 75% of global satellite services revenue came from television.” That means that three fourths of revenue for satellites came from viewers watching tv.
“70% of all United States broadcasting revenue comes from ads.” So anytime a company pays to air their ad the money goes towards broadcasting. Companies now a days can spend upwards to thirty three million dollars on their own advertisements.

In the 1970’s, the average city dweller received about one thousand advertisings messages everyday, whether that is on the television, on the radio, or billboards and signs on the streets. This film presents ideas quite fairly. The reason it is fair because it is coming straight from some of the biggest names in advertising. It is not just one company either. Different names in different companies came together to make this. However this documentary could be viewed as biased. It could be viewed as biased because one does get to only see one side of the business for most of the documentary. It shows all the big names on one side of advertising, but you do not really get to see the other side of advertisement, which is the consumer. The consumer plays one of the biggest roles in advertisement. They are the ones that buy the product. Where work forces are many times predominately male, it was good to see that women were key in the beginning of big businesses like these. The other side that this film does not show is the negative
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