How Advertising Affects Our Lives

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In the 21st century, companies cannot sell any products without advertising. Currently, most people will not buy anything before watching an ad for said product. Many people are happy when they see advertising. When people go out, they see advertising is everywhere. Consumers see it on trains, buses, taxicabs, and even when they drive on the highways .Advertisements are prevalent on the internet, TV, radio, magazines, and even different kinds of social media. Promoting ads encourages the economy to develop and helps in creating new jobs. Advertising is necessary in our life because it has multiple positive aspects that impact us on a daily basis. Despite their good, there is no way that a person can escape ads, because they are everywhere. One way that is used the most and is in some ways very controversial is use of sex to sell products. One of the most successful American businessmen, Leo Burnett, said, “Good advertising does not circulate information, it penetrates the public mind with desires and belief,”(Intext citation).. Nike ads are successful at taking attention by using appeals of font, choice of Jennifer Van Allen, targeted audience, as well as other rhetorical elements.
According to the Contemporary Reader, most people have heard the old saying; “A good picture is worth a thousand words,” (page37). The Nike ad, shows a picture of a girl running on the road, all alone, with a good stride. On top of the left side of the ad there are three large words with white…

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