How Advertising Affects Society And Our Lives

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Advertising has recently become a hundred billion dollar industry that affects society and our lives . On the other hand, the question still remains whether or not advertisers should be allowed to use children, and women to promote their products? In my opinion, I think that advertisers should not be able to use children to promote their products because they’re being used as sex objects, exploited, and being created artificially. When it comes to advertising , children and adolescents are particularly vulnerable because they are primary target age groups. Jean Kilbourne believe that,“desperation to conform to an ideal and impossible standard, many women go to great lengths to manipulate and change their faces and bodies “(42). The writer talks about how women are beginning to change their “natural looks” by purchasing more beauty products and how they view their face as a mask that needs constant alteration. I chose this quote because it best explains how not only are adolescents and children are becoming artificial, older women are changing their appearance because they’re not pleased with the way they look. Advertisers are mostly needed to analyze and change, which is the portrayal of women in the media that are shown as housewives or sex objects. Jean Kilbourne, Ed.D. is an author, speaker, and filmmaker who is internationally recognized for her work on the image of women in advertising claims, “Women are constantly exhorted to emulate this ideal, to feel ashamed and
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