How Advertising Affects The Common Man 's Opinion On Most Products

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We live in a world where advertising influences the common man 's opinion on most products. Every brand has a certain image and targeted audience that it caters to. Companies like Walmart make advertisements that would attract families while companies like Nike make advertisements that would attract young adults. Similarly, up until recently, the 75 year old brand Old Spice had been labeled as an outdated product, something very out of fashion. "Only old people would use Old Spice deodorants," was the common perception. However, Old Spice managed to change it 's audience by grabbing the attention of hundreds of thousands of young adolescents throughout the world. Old Spice launched a new marketing campaign called 'The Man Your Man Could Smell Like ' that successfully appealed to a younger demographic, because of the innovative use of video advertising. The 'The Man Your Man Could Smell Like ' advertisement, that aired at the XLIV Super Bowl in 2010, is advertising Old Spice body wash, claiming that men will smell like the handsome millionaire in the video. This advertisement is not targeting the actual users of the product, but rather the audience that will purchase the product, which are women. They target young women through this advertisement because they are more likely to go out and buy soap and body wash products. Couples and male and female individuals are targeted as well, but the main audience is women. This is why the advertisement had elements that would be
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