How Advertising Affects What You Buy

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How Advertising Affects What You Buy Catherine Crawford English 1A MW 4-515 Dr. Bergmann November 13, 1994 (Research Paper) OUTLINE Thesis: Advertising has different effects on consumers, it changes their prospective on what is, and what is not, worth buying, what they buy and when they buy it. 1. How advertisers target a certain background or area for their product, and how they get your attention. 2. What advertisers use to get you to buy their product, such as symbols or slogans. 3. Description of five key points of their strategies; what makes advertisers good or bad. 4. What people used before nylons; what advertising did for the new Nylon…show more content…
They do not want to offend anyone, but they want to get people's attention. With number two the agency will see who the product will be affecting. If it is for men, they will do a commercial that will catch men's attention. With number three they will try to convince the consumer that they need this item, and cannot live without it. Number four will support that claim, and number five will give a catchy phrase that will help the consumer remember the name of the product, so that when that person is at the store they will remember that they wanted it and hopefully they will buy it. An example of how advertising has worked comes from the late 1930's when nylon was first produced, and the making of the nylon stocking, by DuPont, sent a wave of delight throughout the world. Silk stockings were used before, and according to Frances Picchioni, "They snagged very easily and made me very frustrated." "Test wearers, of the new nylons were quoted as saying the garments endured ‘unbelievable hours of performance.'"(Panati 346). They were passing in strength and elasticity of the previously known textile fibers. DuPont started advertising early about the "miracle yarn" and the stockings that were made from it. They advertised a day that DuPont would start the sale of the nylon stockings, and they called it "NYLON Day"-May 15, 1940, which is when the stockings were to be first sold. The stores had to make their own
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