How Advertising Has Become An Increasingly A Hot Topic Essay

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In this technology based era ridden with deregulation, advertising has become an increasingly ‘hot-topic.’ Advertising helps consumers with buying decisions, boosts economic growth, and creates numerous job opportunities. However, there is one ingredient within advertisements which is often overthrown for status and economic gain; ethics. For example, in 2009, The FDA mentions Cheerios is branded in a way which makes its cereal “sound like a drug to prevent, mitigate, and treat high cholesterol and heart disease.” (“FDA Warns Cheerios on Health Claims.” WebMD, n.d. Web. 12 Oct. 2016) According to the FDA, Cheerios’ advertising inappropriately highlights the ‘fantastical’ benefits of its cereal. Due to this, Cheerios was forced to spend millions re-designing and re-branding its products. The absence of ethics is most rampant regarding tobacco advertisements. They offer seductive cues, subjective product descriptions, and minimal information on their products. Thus, nearly 443,000 people die prematurely each year from smoking. Tobacco products should not be advertised upon, as these advertisements explore a plethora unethical values.
Several searches have revealed articles concerning the unethical advertising of tobacco products. These articles illustrate the laws on advertising and what it means to advertise ethically, explore the many aspects of how producers lie and deceive their customers, omit crucial facts pertaining to their product, and whether there should be a
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