How Advertising Is Important For A Harmonious Society Essay

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On account of the importance of advertising, it is critical to realize that advertising plays a more and more indispensable role in the communication between corporations and consumers in day-to-day life. First, advertising has essential impacts in stakeholders ' life, in particular for consumers. Advertising, which can be informative and persuasive, is helpful for customers to learn about products to find the best products for themselves, give them courage and faith to try new products, and spend their valuable money or even save money (Unerman & Baskin, 2012). Second, the sellers and manufacturers of the products can benefit from advertising in several respects. By advertising, the producers and the sellers can increase sales of goods and services, have fair competition, enhance company image, improve brand awareness and gain brand loyalty (Terkan, 2014). Third, the construction of a harmonious society is promoted by advertising. Advertising is helpful for creating trust relationships between customers and merchants, and educating humans to deal with several social issues. For example, by watching anti-smoking and anti-drinking advertisements, humans may decide to quit smoking and drinking because of the hazards to health. Hence, the significance of advertising should be realized in order to better communicate and collaborate in the current business and social world.
For consumers, the key to distinguishing deceptive advertising from actual advertising is to know several
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