How Africans Became Victims Of The German Concentration Camps

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Long before barbarous situations were rendered upon Jews and others, and very tragic as they were, from the 1890-1945, both Colonial Germany and Nazi Germany committed horrible assaults, on black Germans of African descent. Before, during and after the Holocaust black men, women, and children were being starved in a German-operated concentration camp in Africa. However, these shocking incidents on helpless Africans began in the late 1480s and lasted for many centuries in new Germany. How Africans became victims of the German concentration camps is a story that is not globally known. European countries laid claim to the southwest part of Africa in their devotion to the Church of Rome during 1480s. The Portuguese were the first settlers that arrived on the southwest coast of Africa. They claimed an area of the southwest coast as their land and erected a stone cross on the coastline which is known as Namibia, in spite of the local natives. Over a century and a half later, the 1650s, the Dutch nation lead an expedition to the southwest African coast and settled further inland from the Portuguese’s settlement. Several decades later the American, British, and French Whalers and Sealers Companies visited the Namibian coast and erected trading posts. The new European settlers and sailors began trading merchandise with the native tribes; Ovambo and Herero black African tribes. The African black leaders quickly became aware of the threat the white settlers and traders caused.
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