How Air Pollution Caused By Wood Burning At First Essay

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In modern society, it is not uncommon to see air pollution, and the issue of the cause of air pollution has never failed to attract people’s attention. Many of human activities release particles and chemicals into the air we breathe. For example, motor vehicles release chemicals from their exhausts to the air, the smoke from factories and cigarettes pollute the air, and if people use fires and wood burners to heat their homes and keep the house warming, particles and some other chemicals will be released out of the chimney and cause air pollution. In order to evaluate the business idea about air pollution which discussed by the group, this business evaluation will briefly describe the problems and ideas about air pollution caused by wood burning at first, then talking about stakeholder concerns related to this business idea. In the next section, ethics, sustainability and Kaitiakitanga considerations of this business idea will be evaluated. In the final part, the evaluation will explain how well the business idea addresses the problem, and then sum up the whole evaluation as a conclusion in the end.

According to the recent news and related researches, the air pollution is a serious issue in New Zealand. An estimated 1,000 people died prematurely in 2012 in New Zealand due to exposure to PM 10. (Ministry For The Environment, 2014) The most particles and chemicals in New Zealand are from wood burners. Research has been conducted
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