How Alcohol Consumption Is Culture

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Furthermore, another area that relates to alcohol consumption is culture. What is culture?. Culture is known to be a set of values and beliefs and that has been transmitted from one generation to another Roche et al (2007,p.63).Sociologists define culture as not only practices but also a network of representations that shapes an individuals social life Roche et al (2007,p.64). It is used to celebrate birthdays, deaths, marriages and graduation Roche et al (2007,p.57). When is it enough?. A person who is a moderate drinker might excessively consume alcohol at a party due to expectations or adopting a self-image in a party environment Pettigrew & Donovan (2003, p.19). Why is consumption so normal?. Alcohol has been associated with fun and achievement Pettigrew & Donovan (2003, p.32). Life experiences can also have an effect on the individual. Problems such as difficulties with unemployment, past experiences and such contribute to ones behaviour. In past research, the earlier the initiation, the more chance of drinking Pettigrew & Donovan (2003 ,p.30). It has also been mentioned that binge drinking in the youth community has been linked with alcohol abuse. What role does the media play?. Young form of interaction is associated with media. Individuals are engaged in movies, tv, and music. Australian
Bureau of statistics found 93% of 15-17 year olds travelled to the movies in the past 12 months (Roche et al , 2007,p.129).Movies for the past 20 years portray alcohol…
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