How Alcohol Is An Important Aspect Necessary For Human Survival

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Alcohol presents an important aspect necessary for human survival owing to its wide-ranging benefits in the clinical context. Ideally, alcohol acts as an effective germ killer owing to its great potential of coagulating a germ’s protein. Indeed, the use of alcohol is not new to the clinical setting as way back in the 1800’s, alcohol alongside specific herbs were in surgical operations used for the major purpose of reducing pain. As studies reveal, lately there has been an increasing trend of using alcohol in surgical operations in theatre to prevent the possible occurrence of infections. As Lobley (72) states, “this relates to the aseptic technique that comprises of practices that aim at ensuring patients do not acquire any infections when undergoing surgical operations.” Notably, clinical professionals use alcohol in various ways such as the sterilization of theatre linen and equipment, patient preparation, and theatre preparation alongside surgical team preparation. As Josephson (18) suggest, “dedicated surgery nurses should make the use of alcohol in line with the aseptic technique not only an everyday practice but rather a normal way of life implying that the process ought to become second nature.” The use of alcohol in theatre operations is sterilization, without alcohol, the essential need of sterilization would not result good safety measures. “Not all types of alcohol are suitable for use in theatre operations” (Josephson 22) so it is good to have a good

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