How Alcohol Plays A Role

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How Alcohol Plays a Role in Maturing In the United States, before you can legally drink alcohol, you must be 21. However, much of society begins drinking in the early adolescent years and openly disobey that rule. College is known for drinking and partying because of its ability to give its students a taste of freedom away from their parents. While at college, students live in dorms away from adult supervision and so they begin to act out in ways that they normally would not if they were at home. It is also known for being a stressful, test-taking environment. Alcohol is a coping mechanism used to decrease stress levels. Although, alcohol drinking normally peaks during the early twenties and begins to decrease along the mid twenty’s and above (Jochman, K., & Fromme, K. (2010). During this stage of a young adult’s life, they begin to enter the maturity cycle that leads to adulthood. Alcohol plays a key part in the maturing stage as it is part of the new-found freedoms gained from leaving home. It is important to find how alcohol can change a person’s maturity level and why growing out of the binge drinking stage is important in becoming a successful adult. Although young adults may grow tired of drinking after they have hit the legal age of 21, a portion of young adults increase in alcohol consumption. First, this study is designed to target underage drinkers and overage drinkers to see what levels of alcohol consumption are consumed per week. It is designed to find how…
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