How Alcoholism Affects Our Society Today

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How Alcoholism Affects Our Society Today As a society everyone of us often feels the need to fit in with others and fall into a common group. Often everybody falls into peer pressure because we see it as if there doing it I should to. Or the feel of need to forget about our problems sometimes we make irresponsible choices. That is why in today’s society alcohol plays such a big role part in our life’s. Alcohol is a drug which we use at any age and any ethnic backgrounds, and that has serious effects on our family’s but not many of us realize this. Alcoholism is often considered as a medical disease, but its better treated as a psychological dysfunction. Alcohol today is America’s number-one drug problem. According to authors Dale B. …show more content…
So many parents don’t realize the high percents there child/teenager could be having from a possible alcohol addiction. How much do people drink you may ask? Well research has proven in the book Focus On Health how much people drink, “current use is defined as at least one drink in the past 30 days……over half of Americans ages 12 and over 126 million people reported being current drinkers in the 2007 survey” (Hahn 176). As we all can see drinking can start at a very innocent young age. That is why I think more parents today have to be more involved with their child’s/teenagers surroundings. If we prevent more children/teenagers from drinking at a young age we will have less social issues; and they are probably less likely to get an addiction to alcoholism. How much damage can alcohol cause such as car accidents, crimes, violence, and suicides ? Well according to Focus On Health they have proven, “the four leading causes of accidental deaths in the U.S are motor vehicle collisions, falls, drowning, and fires and burns, these have the significant statistical connections to alcohol use” (Hahn 180). Data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administrations proves the different percents of deaths
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