How Alzheimer 's Disease ( Ad ) And Associated Dementias

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Contemporary Issues Formative Essay Introduction For the purpose of this essay I will be comparing how Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) and associated dementias are recognised in the United Kingdom (UK) and responded to, when compared to Italy. I have chosen this subject as there are indications from both countries that dementia sufferers will increase dramatically over the next twenty years. It is estimated that there are 800,000 people in the UK with AD and dementia, this number is expected to double by 2040. At present the cost to the economy is £23 billion, by 2040 the costs are likely to treble(Gov.UK). REFERENCE NEEDED. In Italy there are approximately 1 million people living with dementia. (Alzheimer’s, 2016) It has been suggested by 2020, it is estimated that 584,000 new cases of dementia will occur in the country (Choices, 2016). This this will inevitably put a high demand not only on both National Health Services (NHS) in the UK and in Italy, but also on support services within the care sector, such as carers, voluntary organisations and also families of AD and dementia sufferers. This will also increase the workload on social workers as more assessment of need will have to be carried out to maintain the levels of support needed to sustain an expected quality of life. I will be addressing legislation and policy 's adopted by both countries historically and modern day. I will also be discussing diagnosis of AD and dementia, funding, ethical and cultural issues, services
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