How An Aig Student Could Be Done?

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Defining an AIG student could be done in many different ways. I think it is all on your personal opinion and what you consider one to be. It is based on how you apply yourself and the things you would say to describe them. Throughout this essay I will be explaining my personal opinion, using internet sources to get information, and interviewing a few different people to see what they would say. My first source was a personal opinion on a website called Anti Essays. The things they considered an honors student was things such as being hard working and having a good ethic. Being one means that you are willing to put forth the extra work that it takes for you to do even better. One of the quotes they used was "Great works are…show more content…
"What It Means to Be an Honors Student." Anti Essay, 14 Oct. 2012. Web. 3 Mar. 2015. <>. I decided to interview my mom and what she considered an honors student to be. She said, “Someone who holds themselves to a high standard, academically and ethically. It’s not completely about your grades. It’s about your character, honoring your word, and your work ethic has to be all-or-nothing. If you’re not in all the way, why are you in at all?” I also wanted to interview my dad, considering he is good at things such as these. He believes, “An honors student is a person that has worked hard to achieve high grades consistently. Not that they only make a good grade one time that you can constantly push yourself to do so.” Over the weekend my brother had some friends at the house. Since they are upperclassmen high school students, I asked them what they thought. They all had many different opinions, which i expected. A 17 year old girl first said, “It is someone who pushes themselves to do their best to be satisfied and content.” Next, I asked a junior named Gage. He thinks, “An honors student is extremely organized and can multitask very well. They normally try to respect their teachers, authority, and their rules.” The last Junior i interviewed was a guy by the name of Chipper. I don’t think Chipper quite understood what an honors
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