How An Insider Can Be A Threat

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INSIDERS Bolingbrook, Illinois Prepared for Illinois Institute of Technology And Ray Trygstad Prepared by ITMS Student Sultan Baig September 15, 2014 Abstract Insider is an employee who have access to company’s resources, has right to represent assets, and liberty to make decisions about them. An insider tag cannot be enforced only upon CEOs or senior level managers; instead, an insider can be anyone at any level who works or have worked for a company. The goal of this research paper is to provide the basic understanding about how an insider can be a threat. Also to provide some easy to implement solutions to those problems. In addition, without going in much technical details, the research paper discuss the different…show more content…
Security Apprehension 13 A. Rogue Access Points 14 B. Physical Security 14 1. Prevent Damage to the Physical Infrastructure 15 2. Prevent Misuse of the Physical Infrastructure 15 VII. Conclusion 15 VIII. Bibliography & References 17 Thesis Statement If the companies start considering employees as information security threat, the company will become more secure and efficient. I. Introduction The biggest threat to any company is not distributed denial of services (DDOS), malware attacks, phishing, or hackers. Most data breaches usually trigger by an Insiders, such as an employee, who poses a great threat to the company by exposing internal affairs to outside world. Insider can commit such activities with or without intentions and have an access to information that is not known to cybercriminals. An Insider can uncover company’s security information, inject viruses/worms/trojans, and can leave a logic bomb into the system. This Research paper will explain the key factors that will help a company to protect from inside threat and to prove how an insider can be a threat. II. Scope The scope of this paper will revolve around the minor to severe level of informational security threats post by employees. The paper will assess data theft techniques, rogue employees and analyze the risks, which are involved related to technology used by the employees. The paper will discuss many terms and techniques without going into so much technical details. The plans and
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