How And Interrupt Harmful Interaction Patterns Within A Family

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To help identify and interrupt harmful interaction patterns within a family, I would start with the assessment and diagnosis process, here the therapist will see tedious patterns of each member. As counselor, I will center on what is being stated by the family members, discussing the family’s history, physiognomies and nature of the interaction that have taken place within the family, and what they have attempted to do in order eliminating the issues. All done within a serene setting, that is designed to be free of distractions, and whereas the therapist I will inspire all members to participate in the therapy, using the systemic processes will help to facilitate this goal. Using the Strategic Family therapy, I will use the two maps of human behavior, which is used to guide me during the healing session. The first is PUSH is the ellipsis, which will authorize my point of view as the therapist (M.U.S.E, 2010). . Protection is when the system attempts to aid each system member, in ways that has been shown to be detrimental, here, I will theorize why each family member conducts themselves, as they do. The unit is the three-way relationship explanation that will permit me to label amalgamation and the dealings, amid the system associates (M.U.S.E, 2010). Sequences are what has led to the presenting concerns, again, the central focus of the therapy is the replacement of detrimental behavior and to connect to their

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