How And Who Makes Strategy At The Corporate Level

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Questions on Chapter 9 1. How and who makes strategy at the corporate level? How companies with multi business Model formulate their strategies and what they target in their strategies. Corporate level includes chief executive officer (CEO) board of directors, corporate staff whose responsibility to supervise the strategic development and to make sure that business strategies are followed correctly with maximizing profitability and sustain competitive advantage. Strategic managers decide in which businesses and industries a company should compete, which value creation activities it should perform, and how it should enter, consolidate, or exit in order to create corporate level strategy. While a company enlarges into new industries they build their business model at multiple levels. A company develops business model and strategies for each business unit or division in every industry in which it competes. Multi business model will allow the company to use existing functional competencies and business strategies to increase overall profitability. The functional level strategies implemented to help an organization achieve their goals at the business and corporate levels. The business level strategies also are consistent to help an organization to achieve corporate level goals. Both business level and functional plans should help the company to increase its profits; therefor the company’s corporate level strategic goals can be achieve. Company can use various methods and

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