How And Why Do Amendments Become Part Of The Constitution?

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• How and why do amendments become part of the Constitution? In any given constitution a nation, the recording of bills of rights has been a gradual process. All the aspects of life in society were done with respect to the law. The society requires being guided by certain principles and guidelines that would define and evaluate each and every aspect of their lives. To ensure that the entire society remained focused and concentrated in the given policies and guidelines, they recorded in the constitution and made available to each and every member of the society for the purpose of doing reviews. The action of the people would be judged in accordance with the constitution. With society running several errands towards the realization of development, many fields had to be covered. Criteria for the operation of the people would require significant efforts to accomplish the set objectives. Violations in the society occur either due to misunderstanding or lack of awareness of the rights present in the constitution. Any form of violation is evaluated by the appropriate form of punishment offered. (Hand, 1965) The constitution contains the set laws in a country. However, different countries use different constitutions that define whatever is to be considered wrong or right for the people. Some practices may be acceptable in some nations and unacceptable in other nations. Individuals require a need to have a keen observation of the varying law in a case of the need to travel to foreign
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