How Animation Can Bring The Dullest Of The Features And Bring It

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In a sense Animation can bring the dullest of the features and bring it to life. It’s like magic that gives the most seemingly inanimate objects different kind of emotions and vitality. Animation made its way to the Multimedia as one of the most attractive and much sought component over the years.
What is animation? ‘To animate’ means to impart motion on something that cannot. Animation also adds the essence of time, which increases the possibility of sending the desired information. Animator need to specify how the ‘thing’ they are animating move through time and space.
Decades ago when CGI doesn’t exist animators were hand drawing plates for animated films and cartoons, or relying on stop motion to create realistic effect. The birth of 3D animation was a long process and cost billions and time to develop. Director of ‘Avatar’ James Cameron waited around 20 years until 3D animation has advance before starting filming Avatar in 2009.

Chapter 1
History of Computer Animation

‘The term CGI is a misnomer – the computer doesn’t generate the images. That would be like calling traditional animation Pencil-Generated Imagery. No matter what the tool is, it requires an artist to create art.’ - John Lasseter

To really understand Computer Animation one must go back to the very beginning. While researching about the history of Computer animation I found an Interesting website it shows not only the history of computer animation but also when computer was first
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