How Anime and Manga Affect Teenagers

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HOW ANIME AND MANGA AFFECT THE LIVES OF TEENAGERS Presented by: Paula Carmela Pascua Cheska Andador Kimberly Lourdes Tina Amper Ace Estranero Sheena Ornopia Table of Contents Rationale -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page Problem --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page Significance of the Study ------------------------------------------------------- Page Related Literature and Theoretical Framework ------------------------------ Page Methodology ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Page Presentation of Data -------------------------------------------------------------- Page Analysis and…show more content…
This question may sound really simple, and it may be answered easily by simply saying, “It’s just a bunch of cartoons anyway, it doesn’t affect my life at all.” This answer only applies to the normal and average people. However, what we would like to know is how anime and manga affects the lives of these teenagers whom we could call otakus. We are really interested as to how such “moving drawings” we could say can influence teenagers’ personalities and most probably their lives. The Problem We have already stated our motive and interest in doing this research. First of all, how can anime, whom many would think of to be childish, affect the lives of those who watch it, especially teenagers? Just what is in these Japanese cartoons that greatly influenced their personalities and way of life? Can these mere drawings teach important lessons to us? How can anime affect teenagers’ way of thinking? These are just some of the questions we have in mind that would eventually be answered at the end of this research. For us to succeed in this research, we have conducted a series of interviews to various people we could consider to be part of the otaku population. We have interviewed some of this people through the internet, as to some of the interviewees are people from other parts of the globe. Others
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