How Appearances Can Be Deceiving Essay

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Appearances can be deceiving. I always knew not to completely take the way someone acted or dresses for granted. There always a reason for the way that they are. However, I find myself occasionally making assumptions. I had relearned to be more open minded when it comes to people’s lifestyles. It all started with my routine bus ride. It was in the late spring, I had just gotten off my shift from work. It had been a long day and the heat of summer had already began to creep up my spine. I was a miserable wreck, my hair was frizzy and my eyes dragged due to being sleep deprived. I might as well been Frankenstein 's monster.The lack of having my own car haunts me everytime I have to walk to the bus stop. Public transportation is like a social gathering for all the weirdos in town. Among the normal people there resides a collection of drunks, perverts, and worst of all the unhygienic. I would think that wearing under arm deodorant would be the unwritten law in Arizona especially in the summer. Nothing is worse than having the unwanted stench of armpit in the blistering heat. I loath public transportation. I shifted slowly to the cursed bus stop where an impatient crowd was gathering. The bus had decided to show up a half an hour late and the bus stop had already began to gather up zombies. The bus finally decided to make an appearance and we slowly got on. I was able to snag a seat in front of a woman who looked no more than 50. She was African American and wore bright colors
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