How Apple Evaluate Their Performance

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Apple Inc. 1. How has Apple performed in the PC industry? What is your evaluation of its performance in the PC business?
Apple, like many successful companies, has gone through the business lifecycle multiple times. Apple went from introduction in Steve Job’s garage to a steep decline into near bankruptcy. The have most recently rode a new wave of growth and are now sitting in a mature stage as the most one of the most highly valued publicly traded companies. Apple has continued to be a laggard in the PC industry. Since inception Apple has taken a higher-end, less mainstream approach to their product offering. Thus, they have consistently lagged behind in global dominance of the industry. Although Apple was the disruptive force that
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However, Apple’s innovations, although radical at first, continuously aimed to keep the consumer attached with small incremental innovations. Although that strategy worked for a short while, after a period of immense growth that vaulted Apple to the top, they seem to be coming into a mature stage. Their inventions, once the radical innovations in the market, have become only incremental additions to their once strong products. As the text states, “the purchasing power of the early majority subsides. Their demand was satisfied in the growth stage, and they are now making only replacement or repeat purchases.” Apple’s once unheralded success seems to be eroding. Their share price has dropped 16.5% in the last 6 months, while Google’s has risen 15% (Exhibit A). Additionally, although they just won a large lawsuit against Samsung, the Korean phone electronics company has taken over as the world’s No.1 mobile phone maker. Apple’s has shown chinks in the once impenetrable armor. The marketplace has caught up with Apple and their markets are being saturated with other companies’ products that are cheaper, faster, and more user friendly than Apple’s. Therefore, I would recommend that Apple move away from continuous incremental innovations and focus their efforts to unveil a new radical innovation that can springboard them back to the top—Apple TV in their future!?

Exhibit A: (Fidelity Investments: e-research) move to

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