How Apple Has Become For Successful Companies Growing Up Essay

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Apple has always been one of the most influential, innovative, successful companies growing up. I, as an individual have watched this Company mature and specifically remember when Apple has blown up in the industry. Before the world knew it, Apple has become something that is well known amongst many people. I feel that it is important to learn how Apple has become to achieve such greatness.

Steve Jobs and Stephen Wozniak founded Apple in 1976. These two men were dropouts in college at the time. Jobs had worked for a gaming company called Atari and Wozniak worked for Hewlett-Packard. With prior knowledge of technology, their version of technology bore fruit. They had started to work on an Apple computer prototype in Job’s garage. It wasn’t a smooth ride; Apple had a tough time starting out. Steve Jobs struggled to continue his company without the right funding, so he had to reach out to people who can. Not only until he visited and convinced Mike Markkula in 1977, Apple began to progress. From 1977, Apple started to expand its development and introduced the new Apple II. In 1978, Apple Disk II was introduced. With the success of its work, Apple goes public on 1980 and debuted on the stock market with a value of 1.8 billion dollars. In 1982, Microsoft starts the development of Mac. In 1983, Sculley becomes the President, CEO. In 1984, the original Mac was introduced with a staggering cost of $2,455 per computer. In 1985, Jobs actually resigned from Apple after a

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