How Apps Share This Information

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The way apps share this information is through unique IDs related to each device. This includes SIM cards, MAC addresses, System ID as more. In order to install an app on one’s smartphone, the user must give the installation app permission to access sensitive personal information. This data includes contact lists, videos, photos, phone calls, and more. Sometimes, the app will request for more data than is necessary and uses this data to sell to data brokers and advertisers. (Jinyan Zang, Krysta Dummit, James Graves, Paul Lisker, and Latanya Sweeney, 2015) In the fall of 2015, Apple removed hundreds of apps from the iPhone store that violated the company privacy policies. These apps were using Chinese software that gathered "personally…show more content…
Even those who do not create an account and accept their Terms and Conditions may have personal information stored about them. Some countries, such as Belgium, are now beginning to take notice and are taking some of the popular social media websites to court over this. (Merken, 2015) People enjoy quizzes and interesting questionnaires on social media websites. It helps with keeping the social chatter interesting and the conversation moving along. The problem is, Facebook apps like the ‘Most Used Words’ game gathers a huge amount of personal data from the user and then sells it to whomever it can. (Griffin, 2015) This game app collects a person’s data from their statuses and then gathers the most common words to use as the largest in a graphic picture display. This app has been shared more than 16 million times, "That’s over 16 million people who agreed to give up almost every private detail about themselves to a company they likely know nothing about," (Griffin, 2015). The most alarming aspect of this popular app is that it asks for permission from the user to have access to everything the user has ever liked on Facebook. This includes information about that user’s Facebook friends and any tagged photos. People are now complaining that this very popular app collects more data about us than is necessary. In order to install and use this app, the user must give permission for the app to have the following data: Name, age, birthday, profile picture,
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