How Architecture Is The Most Effect Of People Thinking About It?

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1. Introduction

Architecture is a mutual creation of works and the ideas are not only for personal, but it is also represented the spirit and national character in this age. Therefore , it is the most basic demand of human and society that provide important security and improve the style of human life.

It is not a pure Art nor pure engineering,the building is satisfied of function demand, via structure and construction way as well as reached the form of an artificial shape.But,how do we understand Architecture? What is the most effect of people thinking about it?

Exactly as Tadao Ando says that understanding the architecture, which is not through the media, the architectural space is felt through by people sensorial experience though that it is more important than anything else.In one building, it roots in the terroir and the culture of life, strongly remind in people 's minds by employing with five senses what we see, hear, touch, smell and taste.It includes the geographical and cultural historical context from the macro elements of spirit to the personal life experience, even the impression of unobtrusive plants and trees as well as minor elements of memory are given.

For this reason, the essay concludes the main focus part of the poetics of space to demonstrate the phenomenology of architecture which is related to space,material,light and shadow that sway on the human senses by case study of Tadao Ando work, Church on Water.

In addition to criticise how do the…
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