How Are Crime And Deviance Related?

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1.What is crime? Crime is a human's actions that violate laws of a country, state, or city. A law has to be present and broken in order for an act to count as a crime.

2.What are three different types of norms? Given an example of each. Three different types of norms include, folkways, mores, and deviance. Folkways are everyday ways of doing something. For example, waiting in line for the bathroom at a concert, rather than just cutting in line to use it first. Mores are norms that have shared assumptions of approval and disapproval. For example, not taking money from someone before asking is a more. Deviance is an act that violates society's norms. For example, pressing multiple floors on an elevator instead of just the one you need.

3.What are surveys used for in criminology? What type of information do they collect? Surveys are one of the most common research methods used in criminology. Surveys are used to gather individuals opinions about issues on crime. They are also used to self-report a crime that was not called into the police.

4.What is actus reus? Actus reus is the actual act that person is accused of. In order to be convicted there must be evidence to support the accusation, that the person broke the law.

5.How are crime and deviance related? Do they represent the same actions? Crime and deviance are related in some areas. Both crime and deviance are noted as violations of societies norms. Some forms of deviance are crimes, but they do not
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