How Are Psychiatrists Really Different From Counselors, And What Personal Qualities Will They Need?

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Shaun N. Hope Mrs. Lozares English II Honors 20 January 2016 How are psychiatrists really different from counselors, and what personal qualities will they need? The main difference between psychiatrists and counselors is that psychiatrists can prescribe medications & prevent mental disorders accordingly. Due to the fact that both occupations involve sitting down and interpreting the inner struggles of their patients, they can be confused at times by others. In reality, these two occupations are a lot different. Psychiatrists are required to have knowledge on subjects such as psychology, medicine, biology, dentistry, language, therapy, and counseling. A great psychiatrist needs to have great listening & critical thinking skills, social perceptiveness (otherwise known as the ability to observe & understand the reactions of others), speaking & writing skills, and judgement & decision making skills (Careerinfonet). Another quality that a psychiatrist will need, is to be able to display empathy, which is where the INFJ personality type comes in. They’re very sensitive, and they can relate to the feelings of others with ease. They specialize in being able to explicate the emotions of others & delving deep into their thoughts to retrieve the answer to their difficulties. They have a unique sense of “feeling” the emotions of others, which may make them ideal psychiatrists, counselors, or therapists. The only downside is that they’re highly irrational under stress, and
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