How Are Students Affected By The Great Depression

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“You have to remember that the hard days are what make you stronger.” This quote by Aly Raisman might have helped those affected by the Great Depression. The great depression was an atrocious event that left many in poverty with some elites barely able to make it by. The worst part was that no one expected that to happen. This was a lesson to be prepared for anything and everything.
The day was October 29, 1929. It was referred as “Black Tuesday”. Everything seemed like a normal day. Parents sent their kids to school and adults went off to work. Some in particular, were working in the stock market. The stock market is a place where people buy stocks in order to earn profits. The stocks range up and down. In October, the stocks on the New York Stock Exchange were increasingly falling. Hence, on Tuesday, the stock finally crashed. That day wreaked devastation, as billions of dollars were lost as many people lost their life savings and fortunes.
Because of this, the
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The textbooks commemorate that event and how it helped create programs that we still use today. Students should know what happened in their country before their time. Students should know how those people might have felt when they thought their lives were razed. If they understood what those people had to go through, they would understand that they could make the bright side out of any situation.
Given these facts, the quote by Aly Raisman supports the topic of the Great Depression. If we remember what we go through, we can use our experience to help us. The United States has been through a lot of triumph and pain and looking back at it shows how strong the country is. The Great Depression was indeed a depression. It puts something in our history’s possession. In that possession is our past. Soon comes the future that will come in a blast. We should always remember our past because we become strong with what it gave to
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