How Are The Internet And Interactive Performances Changing What We Understand By Performance And Live Audience?

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12. How are the Internet and interactive performances changing what we understand by performance and ‘live’ audience-performer relations? The development and improvement of the Internet has revolutionised the way of communication and greatly changed how information is shared. It is now an essential means of communication, and can be used for most of the daily activities: sending messages, online shopping, reading news, and even watching performances. Producers and performers have been experiencing with this new medium, and many interesting and innovative forms of performances had been created ever since. With the use of Internet, performances can be accessible for audiences all over the world at relatively low cost. However, many had questioned if such hybrid of technology and theatre arts have lost the essence of ‘liveness’ in performance and whether it will change the audience-performer relationship in the 21st Century. This essay will discuss the There are several different forms of internet and interactive performance. The most common way would be to combined performances that audience mainly need to passively enjoyed, like dancing or theatre performance, with technology. Firstly, the most simple way is to live stream the performance online, which performance are recorded and uploaded in real time available for audiences via the internet. There can be audience presence in the theatre during the performance, or the performance can merely be done for online purpose
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