How Are Women Portrayed In The Great Gatsby

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In the F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel, The Great Gatsby, set in 1920’s in the US where men were the dominant sex, the women are portrayed as shallow, insincere and fake. The women of the 1920s are portrayed through Daisy and Jordan who are presented as fake and shallow characters. As a novel written in the 1920’s, portrays the lifestyle of the roaring twenties and the values of people. The two main female characters, in the novel are different and have different attitudes towards life, however, Fitzgerald portrays all of them as shallow and immoral characters which is seen through many descriptions and actions.

Daisy, one of the main characters in the novel who Fitzgerald carefully forms her with associations of purity, innocence, and light.
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Daisy cannot think for herself and does everything her husband tells her, as he convinced her that she still loves him. This also demonstrates how men wanted women to be in the Roaring Twenties, defenceless and without an opinion. In this scene, Tom represents the society of men as he tells her what she actually thinks. Daisy is a perfect representation of women of the time, who were ignorant, wealth obsessed and shallow. In the conversation with Nick, Daisy says that she wishes that her daughter will be a beautiful fool, this represents a subordinate role for women in the Roaring Twenties. Daisy admits that it is the best way for a girl to be in a world dominated by men. Her acknowledgment of the truth is another reason why she acts this way, as it is expected of her to do so. When Gatsby died at the end of the novel, Daisy is shallow as she did not even attend the funeral but instead left the city and allowed Gatsby to be accused of the murder he did not commit. Her immoral nature is also clear because she uses people for her own selfish gain, in this case, she used Gatsby for his money and her
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