How Are Women Portrayed In The Media

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When it comes to how both men and women are portrayed within the media, it’s no surprise that there tend to be a lot of different images and ideas presented on how both genders are portrayed to the general public. The exploitation of women in mass media is the use or portrayal of women in the mass media to increase the appeal of media or a product to the detriment of, or without regard to, the interests of the women portrayed, or women in general. Whether these differences be portrayed in movies, magazines, advertisement or any forms of media outlets, men and women always tend to be viewed differently in all sense of the matter. Traditional gender roles and power relations have been deeply interiorized in people’s way of though and in societies …show more content…

Back in 2014 where both gender played their fair role within television such as females having more big roles within television shows or being the main character, as being dominant, brave, smart and intelligent such as House of Cards or in movies where some where portrayed as rebels, strong and courageous in movies such as The Hunger Games, entertainment such as those two provide a sense where both men and women can take turns sharing qualities with one another and paves the way to reducing gendered stereotypes. However, the shift in roles began to widen even more as females are beginning to strongly take up the roles as helpless, lost and unintelligent individuals over the past couple years and making men more of the dominant, figure. The media started to have negative impacts in women within families. For instances women in television are often stereotyped to portray the lesser individuals either staying at home doing some sort of house work rather than working some sort of job like men do. Granted there are some roles that allows that flexibility but a majority of roles tend to be fixated men doing such roles …show more content…

Typically, a women in the workforce is seen merely as a sex objects, mothers, iron maidens and lastly a child. These stereotype of sex object goes into detail on how women are supposed to always show their feminine features as much as possible within the workforce and how co-workers interact with them highlighting appearance and features instead of work related issues. In terms of the mother stereotype, it states on how women are given the role of a mother whose purpose is to “support, nurture, defer and generally take care of others” (Woods p.263). Whereas the stereotypes of men are usually labeled as sturdy oaks who are rough, unshakable, have control of their feelings and is unaffected by pain and problems. In addition stereotyped as fighters who are brave individuals who are ready to go to battle at any given moment, and lastly breadwinners in which they are expected to be the exclusive wage that primary provides for the

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