How Are Women Valued Today?

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How are women valued in sports? This paper will argue systems, oppression and power against women in sports and in society and will talk about the system of sports and the discrimination against women in society. It will include the question how are women valued in sports and how it plays a big role in society today? In sports, women make less money than men. This has a great deal to do with race, gender, and ableism against women. Basketball is a sport where women make significantly less money than men. Blackenterprise source states, “The salary cap for a WNBA team doesn’t even reach the $1 million mark. It sits at $878,000. The NBA’s is $58 million. On top of that, you don’t have to be a genius to see that not as many people are buying tickets to WNBA games or buying as much merchandise. Many WNBA teams struggle to break even (M Garland, 2012).” This is an incredibly a huge gap in professional basketball.
Many people believe that mens basketball is better because it is more physical, more appealing and brings better excitement. While the men make millions dollars, the women make less than a teacher’s salary starting off in the WNBA. The system of professional sports has proven to discriminate against women not only in basketball but in all sports. Gender and race have a great deal to do with the discrimination. Money is the power that everyone reaches for. Without money, one has nothing to fall back on, because money determines how one will live their lives.
Gender plays
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