How Art And Science Are Integrated Synergistically Within Management Processes

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Management is known to incorporate components of both art and science. In the context of management being defined as “the activity of getting things done with the aid of people and other resources” (Boddy, 2014 p.10), it is interesting to explore how art and science are integrated synergistically within management processes. This essay will aim to identify, as well as distinguish, the roles of art and science, and how they are characterised and inexplicably connected in business management. With a focus on strategic business planning, case studies on Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos, and the founder of the Virgin Group, Richard Branson, will be used to highlight the importance of using both inventiveness and the scientific technique, in constructing a successful business strategy. Through the discussion of the importance of art and science in strategising, it will be possible to verify if Wilson’s belief that “Neither science nor the arts can be complete without combining their separate strengths. Science needs the intuition and metaphorical power of the arts, and the arts need the fresh blood of science.” (1998 p.234) applies to the field of management. Artistic processes have the ability to make abstract business issues tangible, which is where the linear scientific approach is limited (Meisiek and Barry, 2014 p. 135). Using Maranville as a source for definition, art is defined in management as “the interpretation of experience communicated through expressive forms that induce

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