How Art Follow One Of The Five Formal Elements Of Art

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All aspects of art follow one of the five formal elements of art. The elements are line, shape, texture, color, and balance. Some elements are subdued, but some paintings have elements that are very obvious. With the artists use of these elements he states what his style is, as well as, the use of medium, and color that directs the viewer’s eye to a specific area of the painting. I will choose paintings to show these elements, how they are used, and what idea the artist is trying to show, and give my impressions.
The first element I will address is shape. There are regular shapes that are geometric and irregular shapes that show motion. I have chosen, for shape, Little Yellow Horses by Franz Marc, shown on page 829. This painting was completed in 1912. The medium is oil on canvas in the Expressionism style. It is currently displayed at Staatsgalerie, Stuttgart, Germany.
Here we have a painting of three yellow horses with exaggerated curvature and is composed of open circles. The artist saw yellow as a happy color and thought animals were more beautiful than man. The curves are accentuated by the black manes of the horses. The two front horses have an added open circle with their heads being down. The horse in the background has just a slight curve of his back and the arc of his mane. In this work, at first glance, is a sea of yellow, black and circles. Upon a closer look, the artist shows the beauty of the horse. The yellow along with the blue and pink
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