How Assemblages Of Text And Images Can Come Together As Topographic Representations Of Space

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This is a paper that seeks to explore how assemblages of text and images can come together as topographic representations of space; it uses photographs as part of the essay in order to express the complexity of the idea of ‘place’. It seeks to explain the idea of ‘topography’ as an empirical and conceptual engagement with place and our involvement as people in shaping the environment around us. Spatial analysis and ‘place’ are explored in this paper. According to Coles, borough market is an example of people ideas and ‘things’ coming together in place, the author talks about borough market having an ‘addictive buzz’, according to Malpas (1999), a place can have a particular character and identity of their own… in terms of the way in which any such place is positioned. Places are thus internally differentiated and interconnected in terms of the elements that appear within them, while they also interconnect with other places. The specific theoretical approaches that Coles follows in this article are first humanistic; which opens the door to the idea that humans themselves can be geographical ‘agents’, these agents draw on their experiences, attitudes, and beliefs, as well as their moral and aesthetic judgment, in making decisions that shape their environments and have been identified as “moral and cultural beings (Entrikin, J, & Tepple, J 2006). This ties into Cole’s article, as he shows Borough market as a place that has been ‘constructed’ by the way by the way we as humans
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